Mutliple Sclerosis & Cannabis: Issues With Incontinence

I had another wonderful week of walks and talks.  I’m up to 90 minutes EVERY day – but have learned – that is my limit!  I can not walk for any longer than that. NOT because I don’t have the energy, and NOT because the pain becomes too unbearable – but because I can’t hold my pee in for any longer than that.  Believe me – I have tried – and I have the wet undies, leggings, boots and socks to prove that I can’t do it.


I was on a call with another MSer earlier this week, talking about cannabis, and what might help her.  One of the symptoms she is hoping to find help with is incontinence. It is certainly something that many of us have to live with, and I can completely understand why ANYONE would want to know –


“Hey, can this help me NOT pee my pants?”



It’s a valid question and one I thought I would try and address today.


So here’s the thing.  I have actually peed my pants MORE in the past 6 months, than I have in the past 4 years.  BUT – let’s remember that I am actually OUT and ABOUT and DOING things again these days.  My ass is not constantly glued to the couch, a mere 15 feet from the closest toilet.  So there is THAT to consider.


Each of the aforementioned “pee episodes” took place while out on my #cannabispowered walks.  Each time I actually KNEW that I had to pee. Each time I was within blocks of the house, and I was consciously trying to hold it in – and that is very different from “pee episodes” of the past.  The times when I have had NO knowledge that I needed to pee and would find myself just peeing – without any notice.


SO – I HAVE peed my pants BUT I KNEW that I had to pee.  I KNEW that it was coming and that is very different than what it has been.


Perhaps my brain is actually getting a few of those “lost messages”?????  Maybe the light is going on every once in a while these days????


Another notable difference, now that the pain is more manageable – I am actually able to FEEL the muscles that are needed in order to try and hold one’s pee in.  Believe me – after years of neglect, I am not bragging on the size of my muscles, just simply saying that I am once again aware of them and able to actually feel them.  SO… I am thinking that if I just start doing the “oh so wonderful” kegal exercises women are always told to do – I might be able to stop peeing my pants on my walks.  (My apologies to my male readers – I have NO idea whether there is a similar “exercise” that men can do and I know that I could google it – but that is not a rabbit hole I have time to jump down at the moment:)


Do I think that cannabis has helped with my incontinence?  I am not sure yet, but it seems as if there may have been some improvements in this area?  As I said, maybe my brain and body ARE beginning to communicate again and perhaps that is helping with the incontinence?  It is something that I will definitely continue to pay attention to –  I figure it won’t be too hard to remember – it’s not as if peeing my pants is easily ignored:)


The only problem is remembering to actually DO the exercises.  For something that sounds so simple – it has always proven to be very difficult for me to actually remember to do them.  I have been told my whole life, especially after having children that I SHOULD do them, but I never remember for more than a day or two.  As I mentioned last week, my memory is not what it once was, and I have been working hard to incorporate more hacks and habits into my life to try and counter the potential problems forgetting shit might up-end.  I even invited Alexa into our home! I honestly never thought I would get one of those things – they seemed WAY too over the top in the “unnecessary items” category – but once again – I am learning to never say never. She has been a welcome addition to our house – truthfully, it’s been nice to have someone other than the dogs to “talk” to during the day:)  I’m wondering if I should ask Alexa to remind me to do my kegal’s every night while I am cooking dinner or watching tv with Shawn and the kids…?


Would that be awkward for them????


**This is my personal blog and all opinions are my own.  I am not a doctor, nor do I play one here on my blog. The content here is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of medical professionals.  Be sure to contact your doctor before trying any new medications/vitamins/supplements, physical activities or therapies **



8 Replies to “Mutliple Sclerosis & Cannabis: Issues With Incontinence”

  1. For years before the MS diagnosis, I always said I had a “shy” bladder. Gotta go, then the muscles don’t respond normally. I have noticed that since taking the RSO for 3 months that I can pee like a cow on a flat rock through a wagon wheel! Sounds like a little thing, but it’s huge.

  2. Not sure what I put my better control of bladder and bowels down to, but I also can feel when I use my muscles.
    I never realised that a change of county/climate would help me so much.

  3. I have been reading you blog for awhile now and enjoy it alot. We have gone through similar things with MS. I wrote you about being full of shit and fat and having brain fog over the last year. Well I stopped my Copazine a couple of weeks ago and I feel better already. I asked my Drs if it could be the medication and they said no. My Primary Dr. said quit eating so much and neurologist said I’ve had no relapses so it must be working. Well
    I’ve finally gotten to the point I told everybody to go fuck themselves and doing what I need to. Indirectly you’ve helped alot. Thanks Meg!!

    1. Haha true. Although it took much more than thee weeks to kick the smoking thing. Hopefully this will be easier – I say as I perform a perfect kegal😁

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