Technology SUCKS!

I woke up EARLY this morning because of something about work that I was worried about. As usual my laptop was not far from me (on the bedside table) and Continue reading

Shooting Up An Orange – Biogen’s Interferons Avonex DMD – Just Do It!

Very shortly after being diagnosed, I was faced with the fact that I needed to research and select a disease modifying drug (DMD) to try and stop the progression of Continue reading

The Night I Lost My Shit!

It was a Saturday night, and although I usually have my kids, they were on a trip with their dad, so I was “kid-less” for the weekend.  I realize that Continue reading

Happy 4th of July!!! Tecfidera Update…..still working

This the 3rd year that I have joined Shawn (bf) and his kids for a huge gathering in Ocean Shores.  They have family friends that rent out a  house and Continue reading