Chronic Illness & Death – Living Strong and What I Learned From Death

This past weekend we held the services for Shawn’s father.  After 10+ years of battling Parkinson’s, he passed away a few weeks ago, after a short stay in hospice care. Continue reading

Cannabis & Parenting: What Do I Tell My Kids About My MMJ Use?

I have to admit that I am completely guilty of buying into the stereotypes assigned to “pot-heads” and “stoners.”  I expected my experience with visiting a local recreational marijuana shop Continue reading

Success with Cannabis: Finding Relief From the Pain and Getting a Life?

I have continued to forge ahead on my MMJ Adventure (the struggle is real:) – seeking relief from the chronic pain that had taken over and threatened my quality of life. Continue reading

Marijuana & Pain: My MMJ Adventure Continues

It was a week of highs and lows…   Shawn’s father passed away last week after a long battle with Parkisons.  I was thankful that I could actually feel the Continue reading

Chronic Pain & Cannabis: What Pain Looks Like From the Inside

It is like I have been living in a bubble.  Not a warm-fuzzy floating bubble.  A glass bubble filled with annoying and frantic noise.  A noise that is as unpleasant Continue reading