Multiple Sclerosis & Hope: Thankful For Cannabis

I hope that all of my US readers survived turkey day!  Although I had imagined a beautiful shot of the table, worthy of IG or Pinterest – THIS is what I got…which is just fine with me, because it is a far better representation of my life than some perfect image of the perfect table.  There really is no perfection around here….

just striving to maximize the minimum:)

In the past, I have talked about things that I am grateful for – and looking back, it is usually people that I am most thankful for.  My kids, my family, the amazing man I have in my life – these are the people that make my life feel fulfilled.  They are the ones that are there to laugh with me, to help me find the funny in this crazy mixed up world MS has brought into our lives.  They are there to hold my hand when I need to just let go and cry.  They are what matters in life, and I am extremely thankful for not only having them in my life but that I am aware of just how valuable they are.  After years of not knowing who I was or where I was going, I think I am finally beginning to feel I am right where I am meant to be.

This year, I am most thankful for cannabis.  More specifically for the relief and increased quality of life that it has provided me with over the past year.  I am coming up on my one year anniversary of trying to find relief from my chronic pain using cannabis.  A year ago I had weaned myself off of each of the medications that had been prescribed by my doctor.  Not because I was being rebellious in some way.  Not that I had become “anti-big-pharma.”   Not because I had this huge overwhelming urge to “go natural.”  But because the drugs that were supposed to be helping reduce the pain, the pills that were supposed to be providing me with a better quality of life were doing neither.  They no longer helped ease the pain, and in the meantime, they managed to mess up my body with negative side effects (weight gain, constipation, dry mouth, and depression to list a few) that were just lumped in with my other MS symptoms.   I had reached a point that I no longer believed that there was something that could help.  I had run out of hope.

Cannabis has brought hope back into my life.  I have said, it is not a “cure-all” for me.  I still have numerous MS symptoms that are annoying as shit.  But I love the fact that I finally have some control over something pertaining to this disease.  I may not know when the next flair up is going to strike.  I may not know when my vision is going to go foggy and blurry and I may not know when my legs are going to give out and decide to not work.  But through it all, I now have something that helps.  It helps with the pain, it helps with the muscle cramping and spasticity and it helps with my mental health and outlook.  In the past year I have had more and more days that I am excited to get up and start my day, that I look forward to getting out of bed and getting things done. I am once again looking forward to things.  I am making plans and thinking about the future, rather than just trying to get through each and every day.  

It has also managed to restore my interest in my own body.  I have come to realize that I have been angry at my body.  Ever since I was told I had MS I have been pissed off at it – for letting me down in such a major way.  I did things right.  I ate healthy, I exercised and was in great physical shape and yet THIS – this disease is how my body decided to repay me for all of my effort and hard work.  So I have been mad at it and because it just hurts so damn much so much of the time and because it never seems to do what I want it to do, I have been ignoring it.  For years, I have done anything in my power to simply ignore my body and the messages it is trying to send me – about how to care for myself and it.

Cannabis has made me much more aware of my body and the things that it has been trying to tell me.  I am finally stopping and listening when I realize that I am overdoing it.  I am making sure to get out for a walk each and every day, to get my body moving again.  I have started actually doing yoga and stretching – maybe not every day, but certainly a lot more than ever before.  It makes me mindful of my body and I seem to have begun to forgive it.  I am trying to work with it and not against it and that seems to be agreeing with both me and my body.  I look forward to learning more, trying different things and continuing to find relief with cannabis.

It has been a game changer for me – and truthfully I am now liking the game a lot more than before!




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**This is my personal blog and all opinions are my own.  I am not a doctor, nor do I play one here on my blog. The content here is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of medical professionals.  Be sure to contact your doctor before trying any new medications/vitamins/supplements, physical activities or therapies **

14 Replies to “Multiple Sclerosis & Hope: Thankful For Cannabis”

    1. Hi Claire! Thanks for your kind words and for sharing! One of hardest things for me with sharing about my cannabis successes is that SO many people don’t even have access to give it a try. IMHO that is complete bullshit- if it can HELP then people should be able to use it:)

  1. I’m so happy that you are blogging about your experience with cannabis! I have PTSD and anxiety in addition to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and possibly fibromyalgia. (About to get some testing done.) I was able to get my MMJ card here in NJ (qualified due to the PTSD) in late August. Finding the right strains and combo of CBD/THC is an ongoing thing, as it can be tricky when you have a tendency towards anxiety (I’ve learned the hard way to stay away from most sativa-dominant strains.) But overall cannabis is a game changer for me too! The right combos do more for my anxiety than any benzo ever did. Being able to get stress relief and a good night’s sleep have given me amazing breaks in the ongoing mental health struggle. I am even at the point where I can decrease my medication some!! Cannabis is giving me my life back!

    So happy to be able to read your blog because I relate so much and I am a big believer in the healing properties of this amazing plant!

    One love ✌️

    1. Hi Ellyn! Thanks so much for sharing your story!!!! I love hearing about how cannabis is helping others AND I love to hear that people are doing better- no matter what it is that is helping them! Life is too short to not try and figure out ways to enjoy it!


  2. I love reading your blogs, you say so many of the things I’m thinking but can’t get out. I so agree with the listening to your body advice, but this I’ve been saying most of my life. I realised early on in my nursing career that the body does tell you things. I also so agree with the going out for a walk, I know many of us can’t walk far/much but you need to do something to get the oxygen moving around, then I find I have more energy/interest in things.
    Also we have to remember that medics tend to just give you another drug for every new symptom, ending up as you say messing up your body. I now only take anti diabetes medication, and that only because I love my sweet foods too much and with the shit MS throws at you I’m determined to enjoy my life as much as possible. Like you my whole system is working so much better now, forvaround start I no longer have double inconvenience, constipation and all other such problems.
    Cannibis didn’t work for me but I’m working on being the one who controls my grey cell. So I try and keep it with something other than MS shit to think about. Which having moved to a new country and needing to learn new language and ways it’s not difficult to do.
    I after many years feel alive again.
    My best advice, it’s your body listen to what it tells you and remember every drug is a poison, so beware how much poison you put in your body.

    1. Hey Carol!

      Thank you for your kind words! The show went well! Always love chatting with other MSers and sharing more of my story:) Which is why I have been working on launching a podcast! Can’t wait to share!


  3. I love how educational your blogs are about the use of cannabis with MS. As cannabis becomes legal in more and more states here in the US, I think it’s so important to learn about it’s benefits. Thank you

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