What I Owe To My MS: Continuing To Be Strong & Grateful

I had the honor once again to be a guest on the Brain Injury Radio show Mess With MS; hosted by Lisa Dryer on Saturday night.  Although I have yet to sit and listen back to myself (I am sure there are plenty of rambling moments) I did want to share just how much I enjoyed it and the great topics that Lisa chose to hit upon.

Each time I share my stories or talk about my experiences (whether it be in writing or talking about them) I am able to re-live some amazing (and often funny) moments but to also appreciate, once again, the good things that have come from being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  One of the many things we talked about is: What we are thankful for, having been diagnosed with MS, how it has made us stronger.

As I said in my post Thankful For That Which Made Me Stronger- How MS Made Me Stronger


Always have been, and hopefully always will be.   I didn’t choose to get this disease; I’m pretty sure no one did (or any other disease for that matter.)  When I was confronted with the truth, for the real reason that first my foot felt like it was chronically asleep, then the leg, then both legs, to finally not being able to walk without assistance; when I was told that I had an incurable disease, I didn’t even think to ask “why me.” 

It just was.  Just as with everything else that happens in life that I  can’t control,  I accepted it and moved forward – even if stumbling like a drunk at times.

I don’t seek to compare my situation with anyone else’s.  It’s not my place, and not my intent.  I choose to share who I am, and how I deal with life simply as one story to be told.  Who you are, what you have to deal with, and how you choose to do so is your own story.  But by connecting, talking and getting to know others that have MS and sharing our stories, I have been able to find another perk…

Strength in numbers!!!!


We all experience this “fantastical” disease in our own ways but finding people who either share a similar view or even a completely opposite one, is just one more way to learn from this and grow.  For that I am grateful.

I couldn’t very well have controlled getting MS (didn’t check the wrong box on the Life Application form) nor can I control finding a cure (other than supporting organizations like the National MS Society that help raise funds for research in the hopes of one day finding an end to Multiple Sclerosis.)  But I can control who I am today and how I am going to face whatever comes my way.  I have always told my children that it is who you have in your life, and how you treat them, that matters.  You can be a bazillionaire, and be the biggest asshole and your life won’t have much value.  Or you can be struggling to get by and be surrounded by friends and family that love and support you, be kind to others and fill your life with laughter and smiles and have the richest of lives.

I am grateful that I can see this but also, that I can strive to live it as well.  Each of the obstacles that I face with MS serve as a reminder to stay true to that – to ALWAYS keep in focus the things that matter and not sweat the small and petty shit.

I love meeting people and connecting with them.  Finding those unexpected commonalities that come up as we get to know one another.  I figure the more people I get to know, the more opportunities to share moments, the richer my life will be.

MS has given me one more thing to have in common with others.


It is these things that allow me to continue to be strong…and for that I am grateful!!!



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  1. Meg, you certainly have the right spirit for MS. When I think of he people on some sites, please pardon me but all you hear is bellyaching. I think that attitude is everything! It’s nice to read from another with MS that’s not complaining about whatever. MORE POWER TO YA LADY !!!

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