Multiple Sclerosis and Pain Update: Cannabis & CBD Oil to Find Relief

I’m super excited to share that recently posted a piece about me and my life with Multiple Sclerosis.  Although they initially reached out to me about my pain and my recent “efforts to deal with your pain related to MS,” author Cathy Cassata does a great job of capturing a few different elements of my life along with mentioning my adventures with cannabis and CBD oil.  Click below to read the interview.

‘Inappropriate Momma’ With MS Uses Humor to Cope and Connect


I have been quiet.  But that is not because I wasn’t still trying different things (strains, products and doses.)  I was here, and although there were certainly moments when I wanted to say something – to share a bit about what has been happening and what I am learning, I needed to let a bit of time go by: to give each new product an equal and fair shot – before sharing my thoughts and opinions  To allow myself time to figure out what (if anything) helps with the pain.

The most exciting thing I have to share for the moment is….

“IT” is helping!!!!!

The pain IS better, and even sometimes, dare I say, bordering on good?!?!?

At the moment, the only other medication that I am currently taking is Ampyra (my walking pill.)  But that’s it, and it has been a few weeks since last taking any of the other prescriptions.  I am thinking it is safe to assume that it’s all out of my system at this point.  Other than a few drinks at poker night last weekend, I haven’t had to use alcohol to cope with the pain in over two months…

YET, I am hanging in there and experiencing good moments/days more and more often.

Knowing that there isn’t anything else that might be helping with the pain AND the fact that prior to starting this journey of trying cannabis and CBD oil there is no way that I would be “hanging in there” with the levels of pain I experienced each and every day, I feel pretty confident in answering my own question

Can Marijuana Or CBD Oil Help With My Pain?

with a resounding YES!

I have quickly developed a strong opinion that anyone with a chronic disease or illness should have legal access to all cannabis and CBD oil products.  To be perfectly honest, I don’t know that I had ever given it much thought – even though I myself had a MMJ card for a number of years AND had voted to legalize marijuana here in Washington state.  I have always been of the opinion that someone choosing cannabis in a recreational situation is no different that someone choosing alcohol in that same setting. THAT is the reason that I voted for it and NOT with any thought to it’s medicinal powers.

NOW – living with Multiple Sclerosis and having had chronic pain creep into my life and struggling to find relief it seems insane to me that medical professionals all over the world wouldn’t be in support of it being used to help those with a medical need.  Hell – IF it helps – IF it works and can allow people living with medical conditions to find improvement….feel better…manage life a bit easier, how is that any different than prescribing pain medications or opiates? (Many of which come with a myriad of “LOVELY” possible side effects.)

Perhaps I have found something to be passionate about????

In the meantime, I will climb down off my soapbox and share my personal opinion of one of the products that I have now fully embraced as a “new member” of the family…


More specifically Bubba Cush by Optimum Extracts

This is what I arrived home with after meeting Tommy at Evergreen Market a few weeks ago.  Yet another amazing employee, with a ton of knowledge AND another personal story about using cannabis and CBD oil for medical purposes (shout out to his mom!)  One of the things we chatted about was the damn voice – and having it kick into psychotically annoying chipmunk mode when I first tried a cannabis product and felt high.  Tommy seemed super familiar with what I described and suggested that I try a higher THC content product for night time and to aid with sleeping.  We looked at a few different products and strains but truth be told, the moment I saw the name “BUBBA” I was sold.  You see, back in college, there was this HUGE guy “BUBBA” – he was EXACTLY what you would imagine a “BUBBA” would be.  He was a gentle giant and running into him on the quad and getting a BIG BUBBA hug could make make my week.  So it was a no brainer that I would give “sleeping with Bubba” a shot!

Tommy was spot on in describing this strain and my reaction to it.  It does quiet my mind and the voice without making me feel any of the paranoid/high sensations I experienced with some of the others.  The only way I could try and adequately describe it is simply a “beautiful calm.”  The burning and spasms in my legs and feet quite down; at times almost diminishing to un-notable and my mind peacefully floats through thoughts and ideas without obsessing or “screaming” about things.  It only takes a small puff or two just before heading off for bedtime and I am headed off to the land of nod!

I DO realize that MAYBE this means that I am “high” BUT I am not overly concerned with WHAT one would call it (since a few drinks would certainly leave me tipsy, and we all know I have been THERE before:)  I am more concerned with HOW I feel and whether it is helping me with my sleeping and the pain.  The answer to that would be that it makes me feel good and is allowing me better sleep than I have experienced in a LONG time.  SO I am completely willing to yell it loud and proud that I am indeed…

SLEEPING WITH BUBBA – and loving every minute of it!!!!

(I hope Shawn understands:)

Other comments I would make about this specific product would be that I noted (and appreciated) the sleek chrome cartridge – it seems more substantial and durable than the plastic ones I have encountered thus far.  The other thing I am liking over other strains is the taste/flavor.  Although relief from the pain is my primary objective/focus, it is an added perk that BUBBA tastes great!

I will continue to try new things and then share my opinions and experiences.

Next up is a topical lotion by Sticky Budz

**This is my personal blog and all opinions are my own.  I am not a doctor, nor do I play one here on my blog. The content here is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to replace the advise of medical professionals.  Be sure to contact your doctor before trying any new medications/vitamins/supplements, physical activities or therapies **


13 Replies to “Multiple Sclerosis and Pain Update: Cannabis & CBD Oil to Find Relief”

  1. I am also a convert to cannabis use for managing MS. Are balance issues your biggest challenge? I have just been prescribed Ampyra too & was wondering how you take it with the CBD oil? Thanks for sharing – makea us out there feel less alone!

    1. Hey Tamara! Balance has most definitely been an issue for me in the past but the pain has been the big one for me over the past few years. I have been on Ampyra for the past 6 + yrs and haven’t had any problems using cannabis but I would certainly check with your doctor about it.

  2. Glad you have found this and it helps! I take it also for pain. I don’t use it often. But, it is very helpful. It doesn’t make me stoned like people automatically think. We in pain with MS or any other cronic illness that causes pain, this is not true. At lest in my case.allows me to function normal and pain free. Thank you for Sharing

    1. Hi Sherry! Exactly. The relief is truly amazing when it is working and I have figured out what specifically to use to not feel high at all JUST relief!

  3. I love your blog- it is a bright spot in my day when I take the time to read it. I am interested in finding out if some form of cannabis could help with my spasticity and I do not know where to start. I’ve done some internet searching & find I am more confused.
    I live in NH and I want to have my ‘ducks in order’ when I next see my Dr. I do NOT like smoking or inhaling cannabis, nor am I interested in feeling stoned out of my mind. I just want relief from unexpectedly getting tied in knots which can happen at inopportune moments. Maybe if my muscles were more relaxed it would help. I hate taking pills and I’ve avoided it for my spasticity. I am off all MS drugs at this point, trying to maintain more naturally if possible. Can you direct me somewhere to look into this? I would be very grateful. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kathy!

      Thanks so much for the kind words!

      I WISH I had answers for you:( One of the resources that I have found myself using pretty frequently these days is Leafly. Their health articles are about many different topics and I have found a bunch to be very helpful and informative. I know that this is NOT the “all knowing” answer that you are looking for and I DO wish that I could provide more help – but at least for the moment I am too much of a newbie to all of this:) I will most certainly continue to share and hopefully in the near future I can provide more advise:)


  4. I wish the veterans affairs hospital would prescribe this for me and others with ms getting care at va facilities. I hate taking pain meds for the pain and muscle relaxers to keep thw spasms at bay.

    1. Hi David!

      I completely agree! As I said (somewhere in the blog:) I have quickly become a big advocate of Medical Marijuana being legalized. It seems like a no-brainer to me! I DO realize that politics and business play a big role it what happens but in my simple minded world IF it is something that can help those of us that NEED it for medical reasons it should be made available. DONE:)

      I hope you will stick around! AND hopefully those with the power will figure it out and make it legal for everyone:)


  5. I found this very informative & hopeful. Your experiences have given me hope that there may be relief out there for me – somewhere, somehow! My husband has a closed mind about any type , way, shape or form of marijuana. He says it isn’t for pain. People are just using that as an excuse to get high. Even though he smoked it when he was younger. I pointed out to him, that he wasn’t looking for pain relief, he was looking for a high. If he had been in pain, it would have helped him. So not only am I fighting pain, the legal system, the medical community, I am also fighting my husband’s disbelief and skepticism. Seems I am doomed. Thank you for your insight and for sharing your journey.

    1. I’m super excited to hear that you found my ramblings helpful – Although I am still a novice at the whole world of cannabis/cbd/mmj and am still figuring it all out I can say that you most definitely SHOULD feel hopeful because it really does seem to be helping!

      As for your husband’s opinions – my immediate reaction to that was to think that even in those first few weeks when I did try some strains/products that made me feel high it was nothing compared to how I felt when I first started on methadone prescribed by my doctor for the pain. I was completely LOOPY!!!! Just as I had hoped it seems that my body has adjusted to the cannabis (just like it did back then with the Methadone) and I feel completely clear minded with LESS pain. That to me is a win/win. Hopefully your husband can eventually understand that and support your decisions:)

      I hope you will stick around as I keep plugging away and sharing:)


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