Damn It! If I Had Only Known – Adult Diapers Done Right! Thanks, MILEY!!!

I finally did IT!  I broke down and bought myself a pack of Depends!!!!  It’s NOT as if I have been peeing anymore than “normal” or that I had some terribly embarrassing accident that led me to feeling a great need to find an alternative solution to simply going to the bathroom EVERY hour.  BUT rather, I figured, why not give them a whirl.  After all, last year they announced a new “streamlined fit” that “wasn’t bulky” and guaranteed to be less conspicuous.  They even found a “guinea-pig” – a well known actress here in the states, who would not only endorse their product and be their spokes-person:  but agreed to WEAR the adult diaper on the red carpet for some BIG Hollywood event.  Their hope was to reach out younger women that suffer from incontinence, as it is a common problem that is viewed as embarrassing and has always been taboo to talk about. http://www.ispot.tv/ad/7Vt1/depends-silhouettes-with-lisa-rinna

Having watched the short ad, I do have to wonder WHY, if this is a topic that they are trying to shed light on and encourage women to NOT be embarrassed to wear extra protection, they felt it necessary to add in the line “even though she doesn’t need it…” ???  THAT certainly DIDN’T help me feel an affinity to her OR make me feel like I wanted to announce that I was wearing them:)

Here is what I learned.  First and foremost – my propensity to be cheap (or FRUGAL if you want to be kind) led me to selecting the generic brand over the ACTUAL DEPENDS.  Being a single mom on a super tight budget, I ALWAYS go generic and most of the time, it works out.  BUT not this time!  What I came home with and tried on is definitely NOT what Lisa had on under that tight little number…..no WAY IN HELL!!!    SHE had NO bulges, bumps or lumps, and looked super HOT wearing HER Depends.  I, on the other hand, looked JUST like the saggy baggy diaper ASS I mentioned in my original post about adult diapers; (http://www.bbhwithms.com/skinny-ass-jean-depends-not-a-good-mix/)

I tried on different outfits; jeans, pants, dresses and various skirts.  IF I were to wear a skirt, with a long top over it, it is POSSIBLE that the diaper might go unnoticed, but even then – not likely.  I realize that I am not very large and that there isn’t a lot of extra room in the clothes that I wear, but I did buy the smallest size that they make, and it is STILL enormous.  It was not going to work.  BUT, curiosity got the best of me (PLUS – the ACTUAL DEPENDS brand diapers were on sale when I walked into my local grocery store the other day) so I purchased THEIR version of this “slim adult diaper.”  Guess what!  It wasn’t ideal, and was definitely more “noticeable” than simply wearing a maxi-pad (which, BTWs I HATE) BUT it was a hell of a lot better than the generic brand I had tried on the other day!  World’s better!  SO…. I guess that the morale of this little tale is:  SHOULD the need arise, and I actually DO feel I need the “security and peace of mind” that they talk about in some of their ads,I COULD wear an adult diaper and MAYBE get away with it.

BUT – that leaves me with a new problem.  I now have a pack of generic brand ADULT DIAPERS, and being one that never wants anything to go to waste….was in a quandary…



Miley Collage

AND I realized what I had been doing wrong!

I shouldn’t try and HIDE the DIAPER!  I should simply EMBRACE it and let the whole WORLD see!!!!

…after all, that’s what Miley did!


MegMiley Collage

GRANTED…she has the body of a 20 year old, and I am working with the body of a 43 year old that has shot out 3 kids and is trying to fight off the pull of gravity, BUT, truth be told, THIS actually looked BETTER than what it looked like with my clothes on. BELIEVE ME….that’s not saying a whole lot!

SO…IF next summer, you see me rocking this “MILEY CIRUS” look- you will know just where I got this amazing fashion find!!!!

10 Replies to “Damn It! If I Had Only Known – Adult Diapers Done Right! Thanks, MILEY!!!”

  1. Hi, Meg, this is Eric.

    I’m 39 and had MS for 14 years, DX at 25, can still walk, but
    I’ve been using a walking cane a lot these days. I too have been experiencing the bladder control problems and yes I had to where those Depends too. I was like anyone who made fun of Depends, adult diapers, whatever you call them and when I had no choice and had to wear them, my notions changed. It was humiliating for me and I kept it secret except for my mom. Just thanks for posting this and the pictures, made me feel less embarrassed and made me a lugh a bit. thank you and take care.

    1. Hi Eric,
      Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to send a message. As I talk about in some of my posts, I used a cane 100% of the time for about 3-4 years, and truthfully STILL have many moments these days when I just stop and THINK about the fact that at the moment I DON”T need one. I feel super lucky that I have been given an opportunity to not only walk again without a cane (or other assistance) BUT for knowing now to APPRECIATE such things. I KNOW that realistically I will more than likely have to pull good ole “pinky” out again some day, but for now, I’ll enjoy the moment.
      As for our lovely bladder issues (and the dreaded DEPENDS) AGAIN, sucks, but it seems it just comes with the territory. One of the greatest things that I have experienced from starting this blog, is learning that I am SO not ALONE. That no matter what my story is (peeing & even pooping in public, constipation, adult diapers…etc) there IS someone else out there with their OWN story, that understands just what I am talking about, and knows what it’s like to live with all these “fun” features MS provides us. I DO realize that the MAJOR difference here is that not many would actually “talk” about it publicly – choose to let the whole wide world KNOW about all the embarrassing things. BUT I suppose that is what makes me a bit ODD – BUT it is also what allows me to laugh about it all, and genuinely be OK with everything that happens.
      I am SO happy to hear that my post (and the BEAUTIFUL pic of ME in adult diaper) made you laugh, and I truly hope that MY putting it all out there continues to help you feel less embarrassed – because that really IS the point – I want to try and help others that might be inclined to feel that embarrassment or mortification that seems to just automatically arrive when these things hit us. In my post about the disaster in Shawn’s bedroom, I talk about how the next morning, I WAS embarrassed (even in front of the man that has become my BEST friend in the whole world; that knows EVERYTHING about me) I wanted to disappear, and cry and make it all go away. I remember sitting out on the deck with him, sobbing. He tried to make a joke (after all THAT is what I do – joke and laugh) and I looked up and announced “TOO SOON!” – And yet 30 minutes later, I had “gotten over it” and was ready for the jokes – and an hour after THAT I was SO OKAY with it, I was ready to write the blog post:)
      I hope that you continue reading and that I can keep you laughing!
      Happy New Year!

  2. LOL! You made it sound very funny. But indeed it is true that you should not be embarrassed of using diapers, it is normal. My sister at her early 20’s starts using it already and instead of being irritated she actually liked it.

  3. I almost fell out of the chair laughing when I saw your pics. You’re so cool to wear them. I didn’t know that it could be a fashion trend though. Think I’ll try it out too. LOL.

  4. hahahahahahaha! OMG, this is hilarious! You are awesome for posting that picture.

    Could you wear Spanx over the Depends? Spanx are a miracle that manage to flatten every possible bulge, so maybe they’d squish the Depends into submission? They do a great number on my butt/thighs. It’s always disappointing to take them off, however. “Oh, THAT’S what I really look like.”

    Re: the Depends, again, I’d be scared to really LET IT ALL GO – as in, a full bladder – which I seem to have once an hour.

    1. OH but my dear….do NOT think that I have not already thought of the spanks/depends combo!!! As I just promised Matt (earlier commenter) I will be sure to have the kids or Shawn take a picture of me actually WEARING the “slim” depends and my skinny ass jeans:) Let the haters come out THEN:)

  5. Wow, yeah, those new ones are way different than the bulgy ones I always picture! I almost didn’t believe she was actually wearing one, “must be CGI” I thought! I think if more people actually knew about them they would wear them, but everyone thinks of that one teacher in high school who was either wearing a diaper or had some very unfortunate love handles haha

    1. Well Matt,
      NOW that I have purchased the REAL ones (and NOT Miley’s version) I will make sure to have one of the kids (or Shawn) snap a pic of me actually wearing one in my skinny ass jeans and post for folks to see (and comment…oh dear:)
      Hope all is well, my friend, and have a FANTASTICAL weekend!

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