Thoughts About Beauty and Image – Raising a Child To Avoid The Bullshit & Crap In Life

Me & My Girl

Me & My Girl

I have always liked Dustin Hoffman and enjoyed his work as an actor.  But seeing this interview on YouTube, has made me view him in a whole new light.   It has really made me think about raising Piper and how much I want to figure out just the right “mix” of confidence and kindness.  I want her to NEVER doubt herself, but to also NEVER make someone else doubt themselves.  It is a daunting task.  Given the millions of images we are all exposed to, along with the constant “buzz” of instant judgement (Facebook likes, Twitter favorites, Instagram comments and Pinterest hearts and re-pins) it is impossible for anyone to not be influenced by some of what is out there, on a daily basis.

My hope is that although she may strive for beauty, that I can help her in defining what exactly IS beautiful.   To remind her just how it feels when someone does something nice, or performs some random act of kindness; that warmth and goodness that you experience.  I want her to see THAT as BEAUTIFUL (beauty from the inside) rather than just what is on the outside.  I want to help her understand the importance of getting to know someone and judging them on their character and actions, and NOT just on what is on the surface – what your brain has been programmed to think.  The truth is, it is hard for all of us to ALWAYS remember that, and constantly apply it to our lives, particularly when there are so many different sources that seem to completely ignore such beliefs and values.

My wish for my  daughter; to guide her through all of the crap and bullshit, so she can see and appreciate all of the true beauty that is within SO many people she will meet in life.

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    1. Well SHUCKS – that put a smile on my face. Nice to know that there are SOME that actually know about me and my “inappropriate” blog:)
      Happy NEW YEAR to you, and the family!

    2. NOT completely sure WHERE I am to put a comment? Link leads to blog that I can’t understand:) Is it there somewhere and I am missing it, or is it coming?

      1. Sorry Meg – Link is to my last blogpost on my Danish MS Blog i blog on for Biogen Idec:) I know you don’t understand whats written but just say hi Mette, there’s a comment option at the end of the post. You of course doesn’t have to:) The picture in the blogpost is my new help attached to my shoes to help me walk better:)The link to your blog will be on some global site at some point – don’t know when:) Just wanted to let you know. I will let you know when or if I am sent the site to read:)

    1. THANKS Mette, and of course, the same to you!!!! As I have said a number of times on my blog and fb posts, I am SO happy that I finally decided to STOP being “shy” about writing and jumping in and meeting so many AMAZING people, and hearing all the different stories. It’s a great community, even IF it is because of some stupid disease.

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