Technology SUCKS!

I woke up EARLY this morning because of something about work that I was worried about. As usual my laptop was not far from me (on the bedside table) and as I grabbed it and frantically started typing, Shawn stirred in bed and mumbled “what the hell are you doing?” I assured him I had not gone mad and just had to check something for work. He rolled over and started snoring within seconds as I worked away….BUT then something happened. All of a sudden my trusty Mac started doing weird ass things: typing in only CAPS even though the cap key wasn’t pressed and selecting ALL when trying to select just one thing! It wouldn’t stop and it made formatting the invite I was working on impossible. SO I did the reasonable thing at 4:30 in the morning and just shut down the computer and went to sleep.
BUT now it is daytime and although I have tried all sorts of things, I can’t even get into my computer because it seems it is still stuck in all CAPS mode and my password is NOT in all caps! So even though I am typing it correctly it rejects it everytime! Smart people on the Internet (searching with my phone) say I have a “foreign substance ie. dust) in my keyboard and it needs to be taken apart and cleaned”. THEY say it is simple. I say “NEY NEY!” I NOT dismantling my computer!
So…I am taking it to the GENIUSES at the Apple store this afternoon but just wanted to let everyone know…I MIGHT not be “around” for a bit. The last time this happened (with old MAC) they had to keep my computer for 3 days! This does NOT bode well for my work (which is actually busy these days) NOR for my blog and trying to grow my readership and following! Stress levels climbing (which we KNOW is NOT good for MS) but can NOT afford to be told it is something more and will cost lots of $$!:(. I am writing this post on my phone, which is a feat in itself because I have never managed to access the blog from the phone until this morning. Guess “tough times” lead to “tough solutions!”
I just want it known that I LOVE technology when it works and HATE it when it doesn’t! I know JUST enough to use it but NOT enough to fix it!
In the meantime, Spanky is just chillin on the hammock…what dog spends time “hammocking?!”


4 Replies to “Technology SUCKS!”

    1. Joe,
      Did give that a shot, in the car on the way to the Apple store. Fortunately for me, and everyone that would have to listen to my whining, I had it back in two hours, working just fine and was FREE:)

    1. HA! Know about cars too Jodi! Just was without mine for ALMOST 7 WEEKS and cost me $5600!!! Fortunately this was a LOT easier and painless…brought it to the Apple store, left it for 2 hours and for NO $$ back up and running:)

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