Question of the Day

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

My Answer:

A Marine Biologist: I was very into science, and I LOVED the ocean, anything about the water. and  When I heard that researching the animals that live in the ocean was a job, it sounded perfect to me.  I even went on a summer camp trip which was a week out on a big “schooner” like boat (can’t remember IF it was in fact a schooner.)  We spent the week out on the Long Island Sound dredging and trailing nets to look at and record whatever life/species we could find.

Later, I ended up in a unique program in high-school that allowed me to spend some of my class time out in elementary schools in our district, working with children that either had learning disabilities or were from abusive or disrupted home situations.  I ended up choosing Syracuse University because they had the top Social Work program in the country.  Unfortunately it did not live up to it’s expectations and I switched majors my sophomore year.

6 Replies to “Question of the Day”

    1. must say, I don’t think that the personality and characteristics that make for a good politician (at least in this country) are well suited for dealing with children. But, the artistic talent and creative tendencies that make a good actress seem like they would pair perfectly with working with children. SO the fact that kids are where you ended up seems to me to say that you remained true to what you imagined rather than your grandmother:) Plus, not a stretch to say that IF you were to “act” with the children (create different roles) they might like you even more:)

  1. I wanted to be a cowboy,grew up watching “Bonanza” and “The Wild Wild West” as well as watching every John Wayne movie ever made (thanks Dad). I wore a cowboy belt and Six Gun to my Brother’s Baptism (I have pictures). After a long round-a-bout road I actually got there, sort of. Can you believe some one actually gave me a gun and a badge? 🙂

    1. well…not knowing who you are, can’t really answer that last question, but assuming that if you are asking, perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea. Hopefully you leave the cowboy belt and six gun at home. Thanks for reading!:)

        1. Oh well for goodness sake JOE…of course NO ONE should have EVER given you a guy, duh! But now that I know it’s you, the cowboy outfit to brother’s christening (or whatever that was) makes TOTAL sense:) Think you might have worn that outfit out to the bars a few times at SU:)

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