Orange Man – WORLD TOUR 2016


 The Orange Man Project

 Game on!!!

 For those that read my last post, I apologize for a bit of a repeat but want to make sure that everyone is up to speed.

(The “How to make your very own Orange Man” video is below)

As I said in my last post….this is the shit that my mind comes up with in the wee hours of the night.  Orange Man appeared in my life one day when Shawn sent me a picture of Orange Man hanging out in a coffee shop.  Then later sitting on a shelf, and lastly face down on a keyboard tired from a hard day at work (pic up above.)

Last week I shared a few on social media.  AND then…..I woke up in middle of the night thinking…..”hey, ORANGE is the color used for MS – Sooooo Orange Man should SUPPORT MS!!!

And…Orange Man’s presence in the MS community began to take root.

FIRST there was his Twitter handle: @OrangeMan4MS

THEN his very own Instagram account: orangeman4ms

My idea for a fundraising opportunity with Orange Man began to take shape.  

I was sent words of encouragement….


“it will be global”…”if u build it they will come”…”includes people in the process”

 I am hoping that MSers (and other people) ALL over the world will take pictures of their Orange Man’s adventures and then share, share, share!!!! And then ask the people they know to do the same!

On twitter (@OrangeMan4MS)

Instagram orangeman4ms


on Facebook BBHwithMS

Where ever you share, just be sure to use



WHERE will he go?

WHAT will he do?

For those living with MS it might be something that YOU yourself can no longer do OR something that you are thankful that you CAN still do.  The possibilities of what this little Man can do  are endless– just like all of us living with this “FANTASTICAL” disease. (If there is a story behind what your Orange Man is up to, please feel free to share.)

If The Orange Man Project takes off and I gather photos from here, there and everywhere I would like to then put together a book with the images and stories that you share.  If  it makes it that far, then a portion of the proceeds will go to a Multiple Sclerosis charity – something like the National MS Society OR Kiss Goodbye to MS.

****SIDE NOTE****

If you make yourself an Orange Man and want him to stick around for a few days (before he dries out and shrivels up) put him in the fridge in a Ziplock bag with a slightly damp paper towel.  He should be good for a few days


What adventures will Orange Man have?

Orange man tired


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    1. HaHaHa:) Every time Shawn makes an Orange Man he giggles at that:) I don’t have the heart to tell him that it’s NOT in the right place:) If anything Orange Man has a serious Outtie belly button:)

      Meg (BBH)

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