NY Times Reviews a Documentary About One Man’s Journey With MS….I can’t wait to see it!!!


This documentary is now available on Netflix.  Highly recommend watching this man’s story!




When I Walk




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    1. Actually Matt, this is the second one I have heard about (in just the past few weeks) OF COURSE my mind is not allowing me to remember who what where when on the other, but let me think on that and I’ll get back to you!:)

  1. Thanks for posting Meg. Good timing as I was able to see it earlier this evening and also catch the Q&A session with Jason and his wife Alice.

    I didn’t ask or say anything to them because I knew that tears would be on auto pilot if I opened my mouth. What a journey and an awesome story.

    Checkout the website for screenings by date/city

    1. You are welcome and so awesome that you were able to see them! Did you know about that event (and/or documentary) before seeing my link? Asking as my friend (the filmmaker I mentioned) is more and more curious about how and where word gets out about the independent films. Obviously knows the value of any and all social media, but trying to narrow down the actual figures and details (at least that is what I make from the questions that were asked of me:)
      Again, so happy you got to see Jason and his wife. I am sure it was an amazing moment shared with someone that seems amazing in the face of what life has thrown his way!

    1. Jodi, I am not sure what the release dates/schedule is. There is a FB page that may have more info. Not at home so don’t had it in front of me but can look later.

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