My MS Journey – I Am A Guest On Tonight’s Radio Show

Some of you MAY have read my post and listened to my first opportunity to be a part of the Brain Injury Show, hosted by Lisa Dryer.  (Multiple Sclerosis & Relationships) Last time, Lisa had an amazing group of guests that hit upon a great variety of situations and experiences.  Living with a chronic disease is not easy, and doing so and finding, maintaining or ending a relationship comes with it’s own unique list of issues and roadblocks.  If you missed the show, you can listen to it


Tonight, I have the honor of being Lisa’s sole guest and the topic is…

ME & MY JOURNEY with MS!!!

She assures me that she has MANY questions. She though that I might be worried about the amount of time but my reply was there is a REASON that I have a degree in Speech & Rhetoric – I talk GOOD:) hehe.

I am SUPER excited about having the chance to be on the show again and I would LOVE for you to listen AND to call in if you have questions for me.  As always with me, NOTHING is off the table.  Bring it on!!!

Click here at 5:30 PST  (or 8:30 if you are EST)



Call in at 424-243-9420 or go to



IF you actually HAVE a life and have plans for your Saturday night – all of Lisa’s shows are saved in the Brain Injury Radio Network archives- under the title “Mess With M.S,” the show’s guest name or topic.  So you can listen later and you can always look at all the other wonderful shows they have!!!!

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2 Replies to “My MS Journey – I Am A Guest On Tonight’s Radio Show”

  1. Your voice is just how I imagined it. I enjoyed the broadcast. Tried to get my husband to listen as he doesn’t read. He’s in denial and said turn it off, it’s a segway commercial. It just makes it so much harder.

    1. Oh dear!
      Sorry to hear that he had such a negative reaction. Did not intend to sound like a Segway commercial – or ANY commercial for that matter. Just sharing my own stories and what I find humorous in all of this while acknowledging that EVERYONE has their own unique experiences, thoughts and emotions.

      Thanks to YOU though for giving it a listen! Much appreciated!

      Meg (aka BBH)

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