Multiple Sclerosis & Parenting – When Kids Do Good Things

Kids today are faced with so many more potentially dangerous and unsafe life decisions than we encountered as young people.  Trying to navigate peer pressure that has been amplified a million times from what we grew up with thanks to social media and the existence of the internet can seem to be nearly impossible.  Yet, there are kids that are still making the right decisions.  There is a part of their generation that seems to be able to see beyond all the crap that they are exposed to daily and make good decisions.

When my phone pinged last night while sitting on the couch with Shawn, I was surprised to see who the text was from.  Rather than the expected message from one of my kids – either needing something or seeking advise, this message was from an old friend’s phone.  It was her teenage daughter, asking that I support her effort in educating teens about drinking and driving.  As she explained, she and her friends love to make videos and when the opportunity presented itself, to make a video (and potentially win $300) they figured “why not?”  She went on to explain that they want to help spread awareness about unsafe driving for their peers.  The hope is that by presenting the information in a humorous way, that they might be able to connect with other young drivers in a way that other formats and messages might not achieve.  She credits her driving school for doing an amazing job of teaching safe driving habits but realizes that not everyone has access to such quality instruction.

Their end message or goal is to try and help educate people while making them laugh and smile.  Her last line in the message was “if we save even one person from making a big dumb mistake” it will have given meaning to why we did this.  That is similar to the “why” of this blog – I hope that by being transparent and sharing what it is like for me to live with a chronic illness that I might let someone know it’s not just them.  I couldn’t ignore her request.  So I went, and I liked and I commented and I shared.  Although it may be a small, local competition and they are not seeking to win the big bucks, the message is huge, and they deserve kudos for knowing what is important at such a young age.

So PLEASE – visit THIS link


They have two videos entered – #1 and #6.  If you can PLEASE give them a like, maybe a comment or a share – it would be greatly appreciated.  Often times we hear about teens messing up, doing the wrong things, getting in trouble.  But this is a great example of teens doing the right thing, for the right reasons and that should be acknowledged.


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