Mother’s Day – MS decided to take a break….


Mother’s Day Voyage

This year, for Mother’s Day, I spent the day with MY kids, Shawn and his mom….we headed over to the UW boat house and rented canoes for the afternoon.  I think it may have been the BEST Mother’s Day so far.  The day was filled with laughs and smiles.  But even more amazing was that it was a GREAT leg day.  The pain was manageable, my legs weren’t wonky, and truthfully I think that there were moments in the day that I wasn’t thinking about the disease.  That has got to be one of the best gifts EVER!!!

…Just a day, (hell a few hours) can be appreciated, because it is always there; lurking, waiting to fuck with you and your day and your plans.  Not so much YOUR decision, but the disease’s, and having to learn to accept that is difficult.


Just wanted to share a few of the pics…..


Lorrie looked a bit apprehensive:)  Sam, bored:)


Just what the doctor ordered – happiness!


Mackie J’s “Ninja” moves….we were all pretty surprised he didn’t get soaked!


Ended the mini-photo shoot with GOOFY FACES!


Piper has announced that she would like to be my “official photographer” for the blog…

having her follow in my footsteps is AMAZING!

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    1. Thanks Mette,
      And I didn’t even know! Oh the things to learn. LOVED your quick mention of your son’s explanation of your walking stick (also LOVING that both in your country and the UK folks seem to call it a stick rather than a cane…told Shawn I might have to start calling my pink cane a pink stick.) How your little guy explained it is SO similar to things I would hear my students say a few years ago when I was working in the public school system as a tutor and aide. Whether it was the cane or the Segway, it was just SO refreshing to hear their simple, matter-of-fact words, it is what it is and they move on. “Grown-ups” on the other hand can so often be mean and judgmental – when does that happen?

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