Meg, Danny, and Meg’s nine-year-old son Max: The Meaning of “Inapropro” on The Danny Bonaduce Show

Danny Bonaduce, Max & Me

Danny Bonaduce, Max & Me

Danny Bonaduce & Max

From The Danny Bonaduce Show:

Last year, Max announced that one of the TOP 12 THINGS that he wanted to “DO IN LIFE” was to meet Danny Bonaduce.  You might wonder how my 10 year old son would even KNOW who Danny is.   He and his wife moved to Seattle about 2 years ago, and he has a morning show on a local radio station (KZOK 102.5)  Because there was an hour difference between when I dropped his older brother and sister off at school and when he had to be at his school, we developed a routine of hanging out in the back of Bessie the Bus (my VW Eurovan) and listening to the last hour of the show.

After listening for a number of months, there was a topic being talked about that Max felt I needed to contribute to (honestly don’t remember what the subject was, just that it was my FIRST time ever on the radio.)  Over the next few months, I called in and was on-the-air with Danny and his co-host Sarah a few times and they got to know me (and my then 9 year old son Max, that was always with me when I called in.)  When Max announced his wish to meet Danny, I mentioned it the next time I called in, and they put me on the phone with the show’s coordinator and we made a date for Max and I to visit the show!

Although we were expected to be introduced and then be “silent observers” Max was such a hit (along with my nipples: minute 3:55) we sat in on the whole hour and talked about Sarah’s Beaver, The Family Guy, my “inapropro” parenting style and  AND Danny boxing with Max’s older brother Sam.

BTW…if you can, zoom in on the photo and see whose nipples you see!

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