Left Me Speechless – To Have Such Grace and Strength in the Face of Adversity!



I have my own post that I will be writing a bit later today, but I came across this woman’s blog & story the other day, and after reaching out to her husband (who manages her PR stuff) to ask if I could share with you, I wanted to put this link on my blog.  I realize that most of you are inundated with links & articles & videos & blog post galore, and that deciding to take the few minutes it requires to actually click and then WATCH something, is not something to take lightly.  You have to manage your time and commitments, decide WHAT is important and WHAT can be over looked, in order to get through the day, to complete all that you want or is required of you.  BUT I do encourage you to take those few minutes to watch this…it makes a difference.

I know that I say that my motto is to find the reasons to laugh and smile (well alright I also have the one as long as I look good it doesn’t matter how bad I feel) but for this, the first one is the one that counts.  I watched this video, listened to Heather’s story and by the time the short 3 minutes was up, I found myself not only  speechless – but envious.  HOW could I possibly be ENVIOUS of someone that is dealing with CANCER- MESOTHELIOMA– that is faced with the reality of death?  It is all in the video – but it is because of HER strength, HER grace and HER poise.  But I think the biggest thing FOR ME- was to see the love and support that she has from her husband.  THAT to me, is PRICELESS.  They are an amazing family – and their story SHOULD be shared!



I’ll be back later!

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