JK Rowling’s MS Clinic….



Hhhmmm…what caught my attention was the statement that her mother “died of MS at the age of 45.”  I have never heard MS being the actual CAUSE of death, but rather “complications from….”  Has anyone heard of actual DEATH from MS?  (FYI, the title of this post is a direct link the the BBC video.)

NOT meaning to start anyone’s Monday off on with a downer, just jumped out at me while going through my Feedly and reading various blogs and news sites.

BUT, coming next, a bit of humor:) Stay tuned…..

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  1. The media get it wrong all the time. They don’t listen to the person they talk too and it sounds better to say ‘they died of MS’ No, you can’t die of MS but you die with it…. It’s sad that a big tv station like BBC gets it wrong again and again!

    1. Thank for the clarification Mette! As I said, it was something that just popped out and I had to ask. Hope all is well for you and your crew!

        1. I actually had already popped over to read the post. My kids are envious. Even though S & M are now 15 and 11 they STILL LOVE legos and both wish that I had agreed to tag along with a friend a few years ago, when their family made the “pilgrimage” to Legoland. Unfortunately, I was DEEP in a flair and going NO WHERE:)
          OH…AND just an update: I was just “screened” and approved; I am now OFFICIALLY a Patient Advocate for Biogen Idec:) Hoping to give my first talk next week:) Does that mean we are now DRUG SISTERS?:)

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