In search of THE holiday photo

Every year I am in search of the “PERFECT” photo for my annual holiday card. Now… the fact that I haven’t actually SENT a holiday card out in the last 3 or 4 years, has NOTHING to do with not getting that ultimate picture. Through begging, pleading and sheer bribery ($20 a piece to the kids when we get it) I always mange to get at least one that I feel worthy of sending out to everyone and anyone that MIGHT want to hear from us (and probably even some that don’t really care.). BUT between the divorce, buying a new house, returning to the work force after a 12 yr hiatus, and now working full time while being a single parent and an “amazing” girlfriend, I just never seem to get the card off in the mail. One yr I actually handmade them (200 of them, using left over card stock from and event I coordinated for the kids school) and other yrs I ordered through a few different companies. BUT all of them are in shoe boxes under my desk. DON’T ask!
So once again we are trying for that ONE shot. Here is one of the first…more to come as vacation continues….


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    1. Thanks! Daughter Piper came up with the place, pose and angle and then got my brother to take the shot. ONLY issue is “we” have NOT decided whether Shawn should be in the “family” photo:)

    1. Back at you! Thanks for making the trip over…as I said, impressed by your “ballsiness:)” Next year maybe you can stay longer and I can show you more of the island than just our dirt road from the clam cart:)

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