I Had a Vistor!

Jodi from Jodi Beans Blog came over to the island for the day! SO great to meet a virtual friend in REAL life!


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  1. Howdy! I enjoy reading your blog. I had a website back in the early days when Avonex and Betaseron were the only choices. I couldn’t keep up with it and my family so the website had to go BUT it was hugely therapeutic! All the Best, Stephanie

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      Sorry for the delay, I have been on vacation with my three kids for the past few weeks, and although I “promised” myself that I would NOT neglect my blog or my followers, that is pretty much what I did. NOT going to say I have regrets, since I had a amazing time and so many laughs and smiles with the kids. BUT now I am back and scrambling to play catch up. Thanks so much for stopping by, glad you found me. I can completely get the “couldn’t keep up with it and my family thing.” After all, as I say in one of my initial blog posts, I finally started the blog that I have been “writing” in my mind since my DX in 2007. BUT there were just too many things going on (dealing with HAVING MS, dealing with my marriage falling apart, the divorce, returning to the workforce after being stay at home mom for 12 years, buying a house, dealing with being a single mom, dating, getting boyfriend with 2 kids of his own, his buying a house….it goes on.) BUT I finally felt that I COULD carve out some time and go for it. I am one that doesn’t want to fail (at anything) so I needed to make sure that I would be able to put the effort into it that it would require. So far, it has been touch and go, but think I am beginning to get a handle on it.
      What I have found is that it is fulfilling the creative side of me that has been missing since I had to stop my photography business because of the MS. I didn’t know it was “missing” but I find so much joy and fun in writing the blog and you are absolutely right, it is therapeutic! I didn’t expect that perk! I hope to keep going with it, connecting with others with MS and finding others that appreciate/enjoy my sense of humor about the whole thing:)

      Cheers! and hope you stick around;)

    1. HI KATE!
      Thanks for stopping in. Your message made me realize that I haven’t even been over to her blog since her visit. It is amazing how “island time” hits when you get here. Struggle to just keep up with my “regular work” hours, since technically I am NOT on vacation while we are here:) Hoping that returning home and start of school and schedules will help me get back to the blog a bit more often, but if I am HONEST with myself I would acknowledge that EVERY year when we get back from our 3 weeks on island time, all hell breaks loose in a frenzy to get ready for back to school and start of sports etc…and I find myself within DAYS saying I wish I could go back:)

    1. Hi Gail,
      Yea I was super excited that Jodi (Jodibeansblog.com) made the trip over. I am NOT sure I would have the courage to make a similar trip by myself. It’s NOT the “by myself” part that would be an issue (although for a while it WAS, when I couldn’t walk and was falling a LOT) but rather that we had never met and really didn’t know each other. As she said, “what’s the worst that could happen?” BUT as my 15 yr old pointed out “one of us COULD have ended up to be an axe-murderer:)” LOVELY
      Turns out she is AWESOME!

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