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I have included the link here because it seems that I have made some error, as it is not appearing along the menu bar where you see “Home,” “About Me”  etc.  It also seems that the normal email notification did not go out to all subscribers.  If this a duplicate, my apologies but I did want to make sure to share it, as there are SO many amazing blogs, sites, groups and videos out there.  There are so many great MS blogs, websites for Multiple Sclerosis, books about living with MS, videos and even Apps for MS that can help in many ways.

I am constantly amazed at the “AHH HA” moments I have as I read someone’s words or watch them on a video, and they are describing MY pain, MY spasticity, MY bladder issues or other things that I have experienced.  I tend to think NO ONE will fully understand; not that they won’t sympathize or have empathy, but that they won’t KNOW what it is that I am trying to explain.  Especially when you hear that everyone has a “different” MS, that no two people have the same symptoms.  Hearing that over and over again I tend to then put MY MS, what I feel and live with in a box that is labeled with MY name only.   But then I realize that I am wrong, I am NOT alone in this and although the sum of what is MY MS does not mean that others don’t share SOME of it.  We may not all have ALL of the same symptoms but there are plenty of us that have a few in common.   Reading someone else’s words of what I struggle to put into words always leaves me with goosebumps…it’s that moment when I think…HOLY SHIT!!! … they DO know what I mean (and what it feels like) when I say that my legs feel like they are one fire from the inside….that my feet and legs constantly feel heavy and hurt, but at the same time, I can’t really feel them….OR that every day (good or bad) by late afternoon I hit a wall and everything from head to toe hurts.

I will find just one blog post, a tweet, or a video and I will be reminded again that I am NOT alone and that sharing HELPS!

*****I realize that it is nearly impossible to have a complete list of ALL MS resources, but I did my best and will continue to add as I meet new MS friends and find new sources of help, advice and sharing.  If you have or know of any resources that are not on the list, PLEASE post a comment here OR email me @!*****


Although I don’t intend for this to be my last communication here before the holidays end, I wanted to send out warm wishes to each and every one of you.  Although my Christmas’s may look a lot different from how they were when I was a child, when my kids were little, before the MS, and before the divorce, I am learning to embrace “different.”  I may not get to putting up all the decorations, baking 17 kinds of cookies, or wrap presents quite as beautifully, but I think that I AM enjoying each little thing that I do accomplish much more than in the past.  Before, I think my life was lived through a haze of “GO GO GO” drive, get it all done and keep it together.  As each year passes, I am trying to not beat myself up so much; to STOP harping on what I DIDN’T accomplish and appreciate what I DO GET DONE!  A lot has changed and there is more change on the horizon but I am going to work hard at loving each minute of it, rather than just simply living it.

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    1. You are most welcome. I have wanted to do this for a very long time, but have never had the time. Guess that is one of the perks to being laid off – finally finding time to get somethings done off my to-do list:) Thanks for taking the time to check it out! And if you know of any other MS sources that I don’t currently have please let me know. Adding to it almost daily:)

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