A Bad Blogger


So I have been remiss, absent, negligent and just all around lame loser! I started this thing..:fell in love with EVERYTHING about blogging (except for the haters!). Then I just disappeared. Dropped off the face of the blogging world! But it is not as if I don’t think about it…IT (blogging) has become the overriding guilt in my life right now! I think about it every day and SWEAR that TODAY is the day that I will get back to it…and then the day ends and once again I have been a failure!
I realized yesterday that part of the issue is that I have developed a belief that each and every post needs to be monumental, earth shattering ….providing life lessons and insights to all that I face each day now that it IS different, cause I am no longer “normal.” But as Piper pointed out, I have never been “normal” and so I was thinking that MAYBE it would be okay to sometimes just have mindless posts, sharing my life as it is, no matter what (even if I didn’t shit in someone’s house.). I am on vacation….in my “heaven” that I have talked about. Shawn came with us for the first time and because his time here is so limited I am scrambling to show him as much as I can. We have been to the beach, went fishing on the jetty as the sun went down yesterday and today we are going kayaking and then clamming. I want to share all of this and so am posting this as a warning…for a bit I will NOT be giving deep and thoughtful insights into my life, but rather sharing all the things that make my heart warm and full my life with happiness and joy. I will go back to sharing the more important things like medications I have tried, being discriminated against for being disabled but not looking like it and other stories. But for now… It is vacation time….so enjoy the funny and the beautiful!