Cannabis & Chronic Pain: Finding Relief and Then This Happens…

I have continued on my adventure – and have been getting out and doing more and more!!!!  We spent Sunday out on the boat – searching for the Easter Bunny.  Super Skunk has become a regular part of my daily life and has continued to help.  But as with everything else related to this “fantastical” disease, nothing is a guarantee. What that means for me in this “MMJ Adventure” is what it helps with and how much it helps varies from day to day (even hour by hour on some days.)  But having something that I can control – that I can safely vary my dose depending on how I am currently feeling is a huge change.

Before, when on all the various pain medications – I had a set dose and I would never dare to alter the amounts.  It just seemed too scary and risky to mess around with taking too much and so on bad days, when the medicine didn’t help with the pain, my hands were tied.  I took what my doctor prescribed and that was it.  But with cannabis, if the pain is growing, I know that I can take another puff or two to see if it will help.  It doesn’t always, but there is no down side to trying.  I don’t feel loopy or out of it.

This past week, I did run into an “interesting” reaction to the cannabis.  Over the past two months of using medical marijuana for my chronic pain, there has always been some improvement to my pain after taking a few puffs.  But, I woke up on Thursday and my 6am puffs did NOTHING!  I followed them up with a few more puffs, but still…nothing!


I have to admit, I began to panic….maybe cannabis has stopped working!  What if it no longer provides the breaks and relief that I have begun to be accustomed to!?!?!  What then?!?!  Is it the end of the road – adventure over?!?!

The only difference that I could come up with is on that Thursday morning, when the vaping did nothing to help with the pain, I started my period.  I had no idea whether this could possibly be the reason – if changes in my body could effect how (or even IF) it helps with the pain.  A quick google search led to information about cannabis/marijuana and the menstrual cycle.  Most of what I found related to the use of cannabis for cramps and PMS.  This article on Elite Daily “Here’s How To Use Marijuana To Cure Your Period Cramps” goes over different products to try and a bit of the history of women using cannabis for relief over the centuries.  Merry Jane reviews a newly released product by Foria Relief – weed infused suppositories and answers the question “DOES IT WORK?!”

But would I find information about whether having my period could change how OR if it works for the pain?

I ran across “10 Surprising Ways Weed Affects Men & Women Differently” on and began to learn a bit more.  According to research done by Rebecca Craft, a Psychology professor at Washington State University, “What we’re finding with THC is that you get a very clear spike in drug sensitivity right when the females are ovulating – right when their estrogen levels have peaked and are coming down”.  So…on the first day of my cycle, my estrogen levels would be at their lowest – so maybe THAT is why I wasn’t experiencing the same relief?

The lack of helping continued throughout the day, made for a less than fun night of “sleep” and was still there in the morning.  At about noon on Friday I took a few more puffs, at this point less than hopeful of feeling any better – but I’ll be damned if it didn’t seem to kick in and start working again.  So for about 30-32 hours it didn’t work but then it started helping again.  I can not say whether this was in fact related to my menstrual cycle and my hormone levels but it is certainly another thing for me to track.

We shall see if it happens again next month…if I remember to pay attention!

I realize I run the risk of loosing my “XY” chromosomed readers on this topic, but I did want to share. I also got to thinking that if  if the changes I experienced are related to hormone levels  then men might run into their own differences depending on their own levels, life and what is going on with their bodies.

One of the perks to the “NOT CURRENTLY WORKING” status of the vaping was the opportunity to give a new product a try.  On one of my earlier visits to The Evergreen Market I picked up a topical cream to try.  With the improvements I have been experiencing from vaping – I didn’t feel I could give it a fair shot – to answer does it help with the pain?  During the 30+ hours, I remembered I had this in my “KUSH CACHE.”



 “If I could have, I might have lathered my whole body in this, as it did provide relief”


It definitely helped reduce the burning sensations and muscle spasms in my feet and calves.  I had considered a few other topical creams in the past but they all included ingredients like camphor or menthol (think Bengay or Icy Hot) to add heat to the healing effects.  Given the fact that my feet and legs constantly feel as if they are on fire, the last thing I want to do is feel as if more heat has been added to the mix.  The ingredients in this particular product are lavender kush, lemongrass, shea butter, cocoa butter, infused jojoba butter, chamomile, infused grapeseed oil and essential oils.  I don’t know what oils specifically, but none of them made my body feel like it was in an inferno – so this was a huge plus!!!

It worked well but at $30 for 2 oz, and the fact that I would literally need to bath in it to find the all over relief I have been getting from vaping it’s not a product I would use on a regular basis.  But I can definitely see using it after a particularly grueling workout or day of yard work.  It helped with relaxing the muscles for sure.

Also, Shawn being a pipe-fitter AND getting just “slightly” old has begun experiencing some chronic joint pain and issues with one of his knees.  I have now placed the bottle on his side of the bed – hoping he might give it a shot.  If he does…

we will let you know how it works on “old man aches and pains.”


**This is my personal blog and all opinions are my own.  I am not a doctor, nor do I play one here on my blog. The content here is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to replace the advise of medical professionals.  Be sure to contact your doctor before trying any new medications/vitamins/supplements, physical activities or therapies **



4 Replies to “Cannabis & Chronic Pain: Finding Relief and Then This Happens…”

  1. I don’t know much about medical M but I have been researching a lot on it (not legal where I live…yet). I have experimented with CBD oil which is legal (raw brownies ya’ll)…they just made me fat but did put a calming affect on me so I could better “deal” with the pain. Anyway, maybe the marijuana you had wasn’t a good strand (I can’t imagine that each batch would be perfect). Maybe some other strand got mixed in with what you bought. Just a thought. I will keep reading your stuff to see how it works for you. I am nervous and I don’t like to smoke (or vape) so juicing would be the only way I would want to ingest it. Any thoughts on that?
    Good luck!

    1. HEY! Thanks for stopping by and sharing. As for my situation on it not working for a bit – since it was a vape cartridge that DID work the day before and then went back to working after a day and a half, I don’t think that this was a situation of variance in the product BUT you make a really great point. Because it is a plant there are going to be differences so something to be aware of!

      I don’t know much about juicing other than this article on Leafly that I read:) Seems to have some good recipes? Let me know if you try any of them!:)


  2. Meg,
    Have you tried hemp oil? I’m getting confused. Apparently, hemp SEED oil is the most common available. While it has beneficial qualities, pain management is negligible due to limited CNB content. Hemp oil, made from roots and stalks, seems to be the good stuff for pain management.
    Amazon carries a variety of hemp products, but most of them are hemp seed oil. Have you found a hemp oil that you like, and did I miss the relevant posting? Thanks.

    1. Hey Stubor –
      Other than a small trial tube of a topical cream from hemp (the kind that IS legal everywhere) I have not tried anything else. I had hoped to review the cream but truth be told, the sample they sent was too small to make any sort of judgement. (About enough for my left big toe only:) I know that a number of my readers have “dabbled” with hemp products, but have yet to hear any stories one way or the other. Certainly a topic I’d love to cover:)


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