Brilliant OR Hairbrained MS Fundraising Idea?!?!


MEET Orange Man

OK…..So THIS is the shit that I come up with in middle of the night, when I SHOULD be sleeping.

Orange Man was conceived one day a while back when Shawn made one for me out of an orange peel. Over the next few days he kept putting him in funny places and sending me pics while I was at work…..which was super appreciated since it ALWAYS brought a smile to my face.

Last weeks I shared a few on social media…. AND then…..I woke up in middle of the night thinking…..”hey, ORANGE is the color used for MS – Sooooo Orange Man should SUPPORT MS!!!

The GRAND plan behind Orange Man is that I am going to post a tutorial video on how to make your very own Orange Man and then ask MSers (and others) ALL over the world to post pics on his twitter page (@OrangeMan4MS) of their Orange Man adventures – doing things that they no longer can do because of MS OR things they are thankful that they CAN still do.  I figure their are endless possibilities of what this little Man can do – just like all of us living with this “FANTASTICAL” disease.

IF alls goes well and people actually DO this, I hope to then create a picture book, with Orange Man images doing all sorts of things all over the world with proceeds going to an MS charity like the National MS Society OR @KissGoodbyeToMS

So here is my question….I am wondering…..would YOU take part in this?

I am just trying to gauge whether it is an idea that would fly or if this is just another one of my hairbrained ideas that my MS riddled mind comes up with in middle of the night.  I keep saying that my brain should be hardwired to my Twitter an Facebook feeds.  It’s amazing the crazy ass and funny shit I come up with in the wee hours of the night!!!!! I would love to hear from you about whether of not you think you would take part – comment right here on the post or drop a line to and follow Orange Man himself over on his VERY own twitter page !!!!

Orange Man is headed off to his next adventure! Surfs Up!! Follow him over on twitter – handle is @OrangeMan4MS.

Orange Man Surfs Up Use This

#mssociety #KissGoodbyToMS

8 Replies to “Brilliant OR Hairbrained MS Fundraising Idea?!?!”

    1. AWESOME!!! His launch may not have been a whirlwind, but he has a number of amazing trips and events coming up – SUPER excited to see the little man branch out and gain traction:)


    1. Thanks Shannon!
      I am getting super excited about this:) My kids have come up with some super funny ideas for our Orange Man!

      Piper (daughter) helped make a video and have spent time putting it together. Bummer is that it really is crap quality (which is very UN-LIKE her, so wondering if it is my phone that had the issue:) But too excited to get it going so think I will start with it and then update to a better version when I can:)


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