A Bad Bloggers Better To-Do List….

I want each and every one of you, that follows my blog; all the people that have reached out with kind word, words of encouragement and those that have asked for more…I AM still here and I DO have SO much more to say!  So why the LONG periods of silence?  It is NOT because I don’t want to blog.  It is NOT because I don’t think about blogging.  It is NOT because I don’t have anything to write about.  Believe me, it will be a LONG time before I run out of words and stories.  The truth is, once again, I have bitten off more than I can chew.  I always believe that I can do it all, get it done, stay on top of things.  BUT yah know what, it turns out that is complete and utter BULLSHIT.  I CAN’T always get it all done and I DO get buried, swamped and overwhelmed.  But more than that I get completely FRUSTRATED that I have to admit to this fault in my character.  I don’t want to let anyone down, and it SUCKS when at the end of the day, as I lay in bed, my mind is always filled to the brim with ALL that I didn’t get done.

BUT then I remind myself; I have changed…or am TRYING too, anyway.  I don’t judge others.  I don’t think that ever, once in my life, did I think “hhhmmm, that person is a loser because they didn’t get everything on their to-do list accomplished.”  Since starting my blog, I have found SO many amazing bloggers, some with MS, some with other crappy diseases and some just amazingly strong and humorous mothers; all with an incredible talent of writing, but more importantly the ability to find the reasons to laugh and smile at the crap life deals you.    I read their posts, about the trials and tribulations that they encounter day in and day out, and I empathize with them;  mainly because of the way they choose to look at these situations in life.   I laugh at their stories, but I also KNOW what it is that they are talking about; the sheer chaos of life.  I immediately think “what wonderful people, to be able to be so open and honest about ALL the shit that goes on; to admit to their “failures” and laugh about it.”

So why can’t I do the same for myself.  After all, I AM the most important person in MY life, and I deserve to be able to “go easy” on myself.  So, I will take a deep breathe, I will get the projects that I have pending at work completed, I will get a handle on our new “back to school, starting sports, driving around like crazy” schedule and THEN, I will blog.  It may be a while until I can mange to fit a post in every day or two, but I am going to STOP stressing about it, and HOPE that everyone out there, that HAS read about my “pee-problems,” knows that I am STILL full of shit, doesn’t judge me for my poop discretions, and is happy for me for having GREAT sex, WILL be patient and stick around.  I think one of my biggest fears is losing all of you!   After all, I feel like this is JUST the beginning, and there is SO much more to come!

Speaking of which….I have an AMAZING announcement!  My blog is getting “plastic surgery!”  I found an incredible mommy blogger (Julie @ http://www.juliedeneen.com/) who does design work.  Once I get my homework for her completed, she will be helping me to FINALLY make this blog LOOK the way that I want it to, or possibly even BETTER than what I have wanted.  In talking with her, along with some other folks, it seems as if you all may not even be able to SEE some of the things I have tried to put on here.  For instance, I had an awesome parody of me created that is supposed to be on the right of my most recent posts, but it seems as if for many it is simply a broken link.  I have NO idea how to fix that….but Julie does.  And so with her assistance, I am hoping that VERY soon, I will have on my hands the



I will let you all know when the “surgery” begins, but hope to post once or twice more before then!

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  1. I’m right there w/ ya! I can hardly find time to blog w/ everything else I have going on. It makes me mad b/c of course I want to blog especially more than I want to go other things like work, clean my house, etc. But there are only so many hours in the day and I do need sleep. So I’ve given myself a break from blogging when I need it and it helps. So happy you found someone to design your blog the way you want. Can’t wait to see it!

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